A tornado went through Concord in the early morning of Thursday July 29th. Many people volunteered and brought equipment to clean up the Concord Park, where most of the large shade trees were on the ground. By that evening the fallen trees had been moved to the back of the park. Over the next several days the park was raked to prepare for the annual picnic.

Thank you to those listed here and the many others that also helped! (If you helped or know someone who did whose name should be added here, please let us know.)

Terry Jacobosky and crew

Brenda Jacobosky

Logan Jacobosky

Jon and Connie Kohlmetz

The Bolins

Niki Metzger

Mark and James Schelinger

Carrie Smith

Jan Kriewaldt

Rich and Lanna Angle

Larry Oliverson 

Kim Miller

Dale Konle




That Evening: