2024 Amendment to Concord's Town Plan

This amendment would clarify and strengthen Concord's policy of opposing further subdivision of certain A-3 lots (something the county just started allowing). 


In March 2024 Jefferson County approved an amendment to the county plan allowing A-3 lots created before 2000 to be further subdivided. The Concord Town Board voted against this amendment, but enough other towns voted in favor that it passed, unfortunately. The Concord Town Plan states that we follow the policies in the 2021 County Plan, which we view as ruling out such divisions. Since the Town Plan doesn't specifically mention A-3 subdivisions and was passed before the 2024 county change, however, the amendment seeks to revise the Town Plan to clarify and reinforce that we will not allow subdividing of existing A-3 lots. Subdividing such pre-2000 A-3 lots would contradict existing Town policies limiting the number of lot splits. Also, the Town has steadily received feedback from residents that they do not want increased housing density, that they wish to preserve Concord's rural quality of life. So this change is in line with citizen input in the past.

Note: This amendment does not change Concord's policies for dividing off A-3 lots from A-1 parent parcels. This amendment affects only existing A-3 lots created before 2000. Many existing A-3 lots would not qualify for splits in any case (for reasons such as insufficient road frontage).

Proposed Revised Wording for the Town Plan:

In chapter 5 of the plan, we would add a new item 3 in section B:

5.B.3.  The Town will not allow the further subdivision of A-3 lots created prior to Feb. 8, 2000 as allowed by a March 2024 amendment to the Jefferson County Agricultural Preservation and Land Use Plan and to the Jefferson County Zoning Ordinance. In this area the town continues to follow the February 2021 Jefferson County Agricultural Preservation and Land Use Plan.

In chapter 10, we would add a new item 2 in section B:

10.B.2.  As noted in section 5.B.3., the Town will not allow further subdivision of existing A-3 lots.

And in chapter 11, we would add a new item 2 in section C:

11.C.2.  On March 12, 2024, the Jefferson County Board approved an amendment to the Jefferson County Agricultural Preservation and Land Use Plan and to the Jefferson County Zoning Ordinance to allow A-3 lots created prior to February 8, 2000 to further divide to create up to (2) new lots. The Concord Plan Commission and Town Board will deny any petitions for creation of new lots from existing A-3 parcels.

Timeline of Plan Amendment Process:

(All meetings are held at the Concord Community Center.)

July 8: Town Board Meeting. The Town Board voted in favor of referral to the Plan Commission and approved the Public Participation Plan. A postcard mailing announcing two Plan Commission meetings will now be sent to Town residents, to provide opportunities for input and discussion.

August 28, 7 pm: Plan Commission meeting. At this meeting, the Plan Commission will discuss the amendment, review proposed wording, and listen to any feedback from residents who attend.

September 25, 7 pm: Public Hearing (Second Plan Commission meeting). At its regularly scheduled meeting, the Plan Commission will hold a public hearing to gather feedback from Town residents on this plan amendment. Unless the feedback results in substantial changes, the Plan Commission will then vote on the amendment.

If you are not able to attend either of the meetings, you can also provide feedback in writing or by phone (see the Contacts page on the website for addresses and phone numbers). You can also call Sally Williams (Plan Commission secretary), 920-206-1994. 

October 14, 7 pm: Town Board meeting. If the Plan Commission votes to recommend approval of the amendment, the Town Board will then vote on it at its September meeting.