Please support this effort. It is a very inexpensive way to preserve your quality of life.

Donation methods:

* Credit card (through 1000 Friends of Wisconsin)

** Mail in check with form

* For funds donated through 1000 Friends of Wisconsin: We are not able to refund these donations. Funds will go first to supporting the Concord case against the county. We will do our best to use all these funds, but if there should be funds left over in this account, they will go to supporting the Wisconsin comprehensive planning law in general.

** For funds donated directly to Defend Town Plans: If any funds are left over, these will be redistributed to donors in proportion to the amount given. For example, if 10% of the funds are left over, then each contributor would receive 10% of their contribution back.

The citizens’ group Defend Town Plans is collecting funds to pay the lawyer fees for the appeal. While the appeal focuses on a specific case (boat-storage buildings on Hwy. B), we are really appealing a change in county policy: the decision to no longer follow town plans for A-2 rezoning.

Our best cost estimate is around $10,000 (the lawyer’s estimate was $8,000–$9,000, but we’d prefer to have a cushion in case of higher costs).

By crowd-sourcing the legal fees, everyone can chip in what they can, without too much burden for any one person. Even if you can contribute only a small amount, it would be appreciated as a sign of support.